Pavers Plus of Holland

The Lamar name has been recognized for quality brick work in the Holland area since 1966. Owner Lane Lamar has been providing quality craftmanship in the paving brick field since 1994. With over 30 total years experience in the field, Pavers Plus of Holland installs quality brickscapes.

Unlike landscape companies who have everyday employees install brick work, Pavers Plus of Holland has only skilled brick layers.

Be assured, owner Lane Lamar will be giving every job his personal attention.


  • - Click here to view our extensive gallery of works for the City of Holland, including sidewalks, pathways, walkways, snowmelt systems and more!


  • : A snowmelt system is used to remove snow and ice via embedded electric cables or hydronic PEX tubing. Common areas for snowmelt systems are: driveways, walkways, parking areas, stairways, loading docks, and around car washes.